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» (ATTN: COVID-19) 2 Sec Chair Adjustment to Reduce Back Pain 10-30% & Double Sitting Time In Sofa/Recliner

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(ATTN: COVID-19) 2 Sec Chair Adjustment to Reduce Back Pain 10-30% & Double Sitting Time In Sofa/Recliner

(ATTN: COVID-19) 2 Sec Chair Adjustment To Reduce Back Pain 10-30% & Double Sitting Time In Sofa/Recliner

By: Dr. Arnan Sisson


Let’s face it, we’ve been spending our fair share of time on our favorite couches or recliners these last couple of weeks because of COVID-19.

Between chasing down the last bit of toilet paper or hand sanitizer at Food Lion, and just being limited to only seeing your doctors/grocery shopping; It’s not a stretch to say we’re all doing much more sitting than we’re used to!

Over the last few days, we’ve received around 3-4 new clients that have complained of this very problem (..way too much sitting!). So, with that said, we’ve decided to make a simple 1 minute video to cover a extremely simple tweak that anyone can make to their favorite recliner, office chair, or even car seat to help reduce back pain during these crazy times.

The first key thing to understand If you want to take the stress off the back while sitting is to know that the back likes to be extended. This is a very safe and strong position anatomically.

The bad part about most sofas or chairs in general is that they are very low to the ground. And when a chair is lower to the ground this has the effect of rolling the hip bones backwards and bending the lower back forwards. This overtime leads to an achy or stiff back.

So, the reader may be asking, how do we reverse this stress in 2 seconds? The answer is simple… raise the height.

While in your favorite recliner or couch simply grab a pillow or two to place under you to raise your height. This will have the affect of extending the back and placing the hips in a position that feels much better.

You can also use higher chairs in your home more often, shop for chairs of these types, and even adjust chairs up when you have that option with a lever (ex, office chair or car seat).

Try these simple adjustments below, and even take a minute to check out our video where we explain this technique directly.

Remember everyone, movement is medicine!

P.S. During this time our doctors are still accepting clients. Due to the nature of business model we only allow 1 client in our office per doctor. We’ve done this for many years before COVID-19 for quality reasons. But during this period of time it’s even more important.

Each visit, all of our clients receive their own treatment rooms and after each and every session we have a very thorough cleaning of all of our equipment. So, feel free to call us at (804) 493-0002 to set up a free 15 minute back/sciatica phone consultation. Or if you’d like to enter our wait list to become a new client then just let Hannah know, and She’ll get you started!