ch.Stub as ChapterStub,
			    ch.Name as ChapterName,
			    ch.Name_for_url  as ChapterName_for_url,
			    a.Name as ArticleName,
			    a.Name_for_url as ArticleName_for_url,
			    a.Stub as ArticleStub,
			    a.Display_type as ArticleDisplay_type,
			    cat.Name as CategoryName,
			    ClientsLocations  cl
			    INNER JOIN Clients c ON c.ID_Client = cl.Client_ID
			    LEFT OUTER JOIN Chapters ch ON ch.ID_Chapter = cl.Chapter_ID
			    LEFT OUTER JOIN Articles a ON a.ID_Article = ch.Article_ID
			    LEFT OUTER JOIN Categories cat ON cat.ID_Category = a.Category_ID
				cl.Client_ID = 940
				AND (1=1)
                AND (1=1)
                AND (1=1)
                AND (1=1)
                AND (1=1)
                AND (1=1) /*RELEASE_FETCH_REVIEWS-BLRfilter*/
                AND (1=1)
			ORDER BY cl.OrderBy, cl.Country, cl.City, cl.Street
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