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3 Must Have Tips When Decorating Your Tree & Taking It Down After The Holidays

3 Must-Have Tips When Decorating Your Tree & Taking It Down After The Holidays

By: Dr. Morgan Sadler


Remember that last Christmas when you "threw your back out" by taking out that huge Christmas tree? Or even moving the tiniest ornaments and only losing a few hours of sleep the next night, but also having to double up your Tylenol for a few days as well... Unfortunately, many folks have been in these scenarios during the holidays.

It does affect the holidays, and the bad news is that the intense "rebound" pain that comes about after something like this can last for some time. But the good news is that a few small tweaks that can be made in this scenario can prevent ALL of these bad things we just spoke of. So, with that said, let's dig into my 3 tips to get you through the holidays with ZERO back/sciatic pain.

The first strategy is to keep your chest up constantly while decorating the tree, moving ornaments, or any other sort of holiday activity. This will double the strength of the lower back. When the chest is lifted it produces a wave in the spine that extends the lower back, locks it in place, and improves strength.

Our second strategy is to avoid prolonged positions. Dr. Sisson and I would recommend any person to get up and move around every 30 minutes. This will be tough at first, but once you develop a habit of getting up for just a few minutes very frequently during the day you'll thank us! Even if you’re in the worst position imaginable for the back (which is very likely with Christmas activities...), you'll alter the stress and have injury risk shot down greatly.

My third and final strategy is to stick with the old "lift with your knee's advice." This does work and reduces stress on the back. But I’m going to add in a little extra advice on top of that. Advice that helps anyone avoid the #1 mistake folks make with that.

When lifting with the knees, you want to still sit back with your hips as you lift with your knees. If you push your knees extremely far forward, that increases the stress to these joints and can be counterproductive.

That’s it! Try those three strategies and you'll be sure to ensure the holidays with zero back pain. Happy Holidays!