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» 3 Quick Eating Habits You Need to Know After Thanksgiving

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3 Quick Eating Habits You Need to Know After Thanksgiving


NOVEMBER 27, 2023

I have to admit Thanksgiving is a fun time of the year for me. I enjoy getting some more quality time with the family, a few days off, and more importantly, eating great-tasting food. Whether it’s the home-made stuffing, endless buttered rolls, or that cranberry sauce…after the festivities you may be looking for a few ways to cut the added weight.

So today we’re going to cover three quick and easy diet tips to not only help you lose that extra weight from Turkey Day but more importantly, make sure it stays off!

From 1920 to 2014 our average plate size has increased by an average of 20-22%! This can play a role in how much we eat, and actually how much weight we gain. Along with that increase in plate size, we’ve seen an overall increase in weight in our population along with all sorts of chronic diseases. So, try to use smaller plates, and that will better help your portions and make you feel fuller.

The second quick tip would be to eat more frequently throughout the day. By doing this your blood sugar levels are more constant, and you can avoid a common trap. That trap is overeating. So, try to aim for frequent small meals to keep the overall calorie count down and improve your energy levels.

The third tip is something I use very frequently. When I’m grabbing a bite to eat for lunch it's very common for me to get a pretty big salad before going for anything else. This helps me avoid eating too much of the high-calorie foods.

This can be used for the reader as well. By aiming for salads and more fibrous foods prior to more calorie-rich foods you can avoid taking in too many calories and gaining excess weight. This works very well when you are coming across desserts. By filling up before taking those on you can help avoid weight gain.

It's best to just try one of these tips and once you master it you can move on to the others. And once you're doing all three you should see some consistent sustainable weight loss.

That’s it for today, remember knowledge is power!