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5 Ways to Feel Great and Avoid a Cold



Over these last few weeks I’ve been out and about, and I’ve seen the same old thing over and over again. Folks are having stuffy noses, cough’s, and even sore throats. Even my clients aren’t immune to this. In the last few weeks of winter one or two a week have been unable to make it in due to a bad cold.

So today we’re going to talk about five ways that we can boost our immune system, feel better, and hopefully avoid this scenario.

Certain foods should be included in our diet during the winter months to boost the immune system. This includes broccoli, almonds, garlic, and even kiwi which have a great track record at keeping the immune system heightened. Its also a great idea to get plenty of fluids to maintain great health.

The second thing we want to do is wash our hands very often, and if your using hand sanitizer; you need to make sure its being done the right way.

Most folks will put some sanitizer on, wipe their hands quickly, and their done. But we really want to rub our hands thoroughly until the sanitizer is dry. Studies show that if the hands are not completely dry then the sanitizer loses its effectiveness.

Its also great to mix up hand washing with using sanitizers. Research shows that using sanitizer too often (around 7-8 times a day) leads to a loss of effectiveness.

The third thing we can do is simply be active! A lot of great tips on how to exactly do this was covered in last week’s article. If you didn’t catch it, it can be found on www.montrossphysicaltherapy.com in the blog section.

A fourth tip is to reduce your alcohol intake. Alcohol has been shown to reduce sleep totals as well as quality of sleep. This will really affect the immune system in a negative way.

The final tip I have is to increase your protein intake. This can be done by eating more eggs, yogurt, and using protein shakes. A low protein diet has been connected tightly to a reduce immune system and increased sickness.

 Those quick and easy tips should help a good bit. Grab your hand sanitizer and protein shake and enjoy the winter!

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