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Get Back Your 8-Hours of Sleep with This Simple Neck Pain Tool


September 22, 2023

I can remember in my college days being anxious and stressed out the night before a big exam. And I would try my best to close my eyes to get a full night’s rest. Usually once I read a good book or went for a little walk I’d destress enough to go right to bed. Folks with neck pain aren’t so lucky though.

In the clinic I see a good bit of people suffering with neck troubles. And along with problems with long car rides, getting a good night’s rest is the single most common frustration they see. It gets to the point where they turn every direction and try to get comfortable with no relief. The next day their tired, cranky, and their popping bottles of Tylenol from all the neck troubles.

So, you may be thinking, “Yes, that’s me! But what Can I do about it?” I have just the answer, it’s a great tool that I use with many clients in my practice to help improve neck pain and more importantly help get a sound nights rest back again!

This device I’m talking about is called a Cervical Roll. But before we talk about the two versions of it, lets go over what it does first. The cervical roll can improve your sleep because of one major reason, neck positioning.

When a client has very bad neck pain, their usually unable to tolerate normal motions/positions. So, what that means is that when you lay down and your neck turns a little bit or bends forward, pain begins, and sleep is affected.

The cervical roll just helps folks maintain a neutral spinal position of the neck, which is slight extension. This in turn will allow a sensitive neck to tolerate laying down while your treating it with your main treatment strategy (I determine this from my movement exam).

There are two types of cervical rolls. One is a cheaper version with a lower success rate, and the other is a more expensive one that has a higher success rate.

The cheaper one involves a towel. Get a medium sized towel and roll it up. Next you place the roll within your pillow case 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. Then you lay on your back with the roll supporting you along the curve of your neck.

The more expensive version involves purchasing a cervical roll. I can vouch for these. I have a good bit we sell in the clinic and my wife actually uses one every night to prevent neck troubles. These work on the same principal but are made of nicer material that supports the neck more easily. It doesn’t become flat like a towel version can.

If you can’t sleep at night due to neck pain, then I’d advise you to try a roll for 2-3 nights and see if your sleep improves. They can also be used with you laying on your side but tend to be slightly less effective in this position.

That’s it for today everyone, remember movement is medicine!

P.S. If your sleep is improving with your roll, but the problem is still frustrating you during the day then feel free to shoot me a call at (804) 493-3256 to get a free phone consultation or if your ready to “pull the trigger” then schedule an evaluation with myself. Either way we can begin the process of freeing you from neck pain and getting time back with family/friends!