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Have a Partner Suffering with Neck Issues?

Have a Partner Suffering with Neck Issues?

(Here’s a Great Technique to Win Major Points with Them!)

 By: Dr. Arnan Sisson

We all know someone that has an ache or pain. And there’s actually a great chance that the reader even has a person very close to them, such as a spouse that’s suffering with neck issues.

Its extremely common when you think about the major causes of it. Sitting long hours at a desk, driving all over town, watching television in the afternoons, or even sleeping in odd positions are all simple are very common ways my clients develop tight-stiff-angry necks.

Heck even my own wife had some neck pain months ago. She fell into the same scenario, here at the clinic. She was working long hours doing computer work and answering phone calls. It all led up to a great deal of stress to her neck. And prior to us fixing it, it was a constant annoyance. She couldn’t concentrate like she wanted to, couldn’t sleep, and just wasn’t 100% herself.

So today, I’m going to give every single reader of this column a little gift. I’m going to teach you a wonderful soft tissue technique you can use to ease your partners neck troubles in as little as 30 seconds!

While this won’t completely resolve their neck pain (…need to target the root causes and alter the stress to do that.). BUT this is sure to unlock a few muscles involved with neck troubles and will most definitely reduce the stiffness and pain overtime. So, lets dig into it!

First off before we get going, this technique is a simple one but for many folks it works best to see a video of someone performing it. So with that said,  I actually did a demo of this maneuver on my wife Hannah on our Facebook page last week.

So, feel free to check out that video once you finish up with the article. Its under the video section on our Facebook page titled “Sisson & Associates- The Physical Therapy and Wellness Experts of Montross.”

To begin this technique to loosen up key neck muscles, we first have to open and straighten our 2nd finger (aka the pointer finger). Next you bend the finger at the second joint. This will produce a very strong concentrated point at the end of your finger. This is going to be held the entire time during this technique.

Next we have our partner sit down on a flat surface, and your going to use your other hand to feel for any knots of raised muscle between the neck and the top of your shoulder.

Once you find a raised muscle or knot, its time to place the tip of your knuckle on top of the knot. Next you slowly press down until minimal to moderate pain is produced.

This is definitely a situation where more is not better. Simply hold here for 30 seconds, and this can be repeated for multiple different knots on both shoulders. And once you’ve finished wait at least 2 hours before trying this again to give the muscles time to recover.

That’s it, pretty simple isn’t it! Feel free to try this out on your own partner or even share this article with a friend that could use it.

That’s it for today everyone, remember knowledge is power!

P.S. Want our spine specialists here to take care of that neck of yours or even your partners 100%? If so, shoot us a call at (804) 493-0002 to set up your own evaluation. During this session our doctors will design a custom program around fixing your unique stressors that have caused your neck issues in the first place. Call as soon as possible to avoid a wait, we’re only taking on a few new clients each week due to current demand.