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Having Trouble with Steps, Curbs and Squats?


October 27th, 2023

Today I’m going to talk about a stretch that is great for people who are having issues going up the steps or are having aches or pains when stepping off the sidewalk.

This is a very common scenario for me in the clinic. I have more than a handful of clients who are unable to do a large flight of steps at the mall without excruciating back or knee pain that drops them to the floor. Not just that, but just stepping out of their car to go to the store can be a nightmare.

This stretch I’ll cover today will help anyone struggling with this same problem get one step closer to conquering the steps. It should loosen up the knee and back just enough overtime to make this particular activity a tad bit more manageable.

The first thing you want to do is grab a belt and loop it so that it wraps around the middle of your foot on the painful side. If you have back pain, try this one on both sides. Next, you’ll want to lay back with your knees bent and bring the foot attached to the loop back to your rear end.

Start pulling the belt as far back as you can until you feel a slight stretch, then push your leg out in the opposite direction for two seconds. After two seconds, relax your leg and, then proceed to repeat the above steps. Each time the goal is to get the leg closer to your rear end.

By pushing out against the belt, itwill make the muscles reflexively relax and get your knees/back much more mobile, and help with the pain.

That’s it for today, everyone! Remember movement is medicine!

P.S. While this movement can definitely help with curbs and steps. If at a point in time, you have a large increase in pain following this activity its best to discontinue it. If this is the case or you would like more guidance, then feel free to call me at (804) 493-0002 or click here to set up a free discovery session today. During this 20-minute session, we can get a general idea of what’s going on and what treatment options would get you back to stair climbing or activity, in general, the quickest.