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Hip Pain: Getting Back to a Pain-Free Life

Are you one of the many who find their summer activities are sometimes interrupted by nagging hip pain?

As we gear up for the warmer months, the prospect of enjoying outdoor adventures and quality time with loved ones can be overshadowed by discomfort.

Whether you’re an avid runner, a dedicated walker, or someone who loves to play in the garden and keep up with the kids and grandkids, hip pain after running, walking, or engaging in physical activities can put a damper on your plans.

At Montross Physical Therapy, we understand the impact hip pain can have on your life, and we’re here to offer lasting solutions.

Understanding Hip Pain

Hip pain can stem from various sources, including injury, overuse, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and structural issues.

It often manifests as discomfort in the groin area, outer thigh, or buttocks, and may be accompanied by stiffness, reduced range of motion, swelling, and difficulty walking or putting weight on the affected hip.

For many, hip pain isn’t just an isolated issue – it’s interconnected with, and often caused by, problems elsewhere in the body such as the back, knee, foot, and ankle, creating a cycle of discomfort that affects daily life and limits mobility.

The Impact of Hip Pain

For those who enjoy staying active, hip pain can be particularly frustrating.

Whether it’s the joy of a morning run, the pleasure of a leisurely walk, or the excitement of playing with grandchildren in the garden, hip pain can rob you of these simple pleasures.

It’s not just about physical discomfort – it’s about missing out on the moments that make life meaningful. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Tips for Managing Hip Pain

One of the best ways to manage hip pain is through regular exercise and staying as active as possible without resting for long periods of time.

Resting without activity can often lead to deconditioning, which then can lead to more severe stiffness or pain.

If possible, try persevering with low-impact activities like swimming, cycling, and walking.

These gentle exercises help keep your hip joints moving smoothly without causing undue stress.

Not only do low-impact activities maintain flexibility, but they also strengthen the muscles supporting your hips, providing long-term relief from discomfort.

Additionally, specific stretches targeting the hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, and IT band can help alleviate hip pain and improve mobility.

Discovering Lasting Relief

At Montross Physical Therapy, we’re committed to providing long-term solutions for hip pain.

Our expert physiotherapy team understands the complexities of hip pain and the impact it can have on your life.

Whether you’re dealing with hip pain after running, walking, or simply engaging in everyday activities, we’re here to help.

From tailored exercises to manual therapy and education, we’ll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.

Whether you prefer an in-person FREE 15-minute Discovery session or a remote FREE 15-minute telephone consultation, our experienced team is here to provide you with the information and support you need to make informed decisions about your health.