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How to Actually Breathe?


JULY 31, 2018

Breathing is a very simple everyday task, its very automatic. But there are ways we can use breathing to our advantage. These two opposing strategies can be used to give more support to the lower back while lifting up the grand kids, picking up the trash, or even lifting a heavy suit case on vacation. Or they can be used to make you more mobile while stretching to help reduce back pain.

The first breathing strategy is for when your lifting something heavy. Its best to take a breath in and tighten your stomach. What this does is increases the pressure around the lower back, helps maintain a good spinal position, and greatly reduces the odds of injury. Which means more time being active and less down time on the couch!

The second breathing strategy is for stretching. When stretching its best to exhale at the end of the stretch for a few seconds. This relaxes the soft tissues your stretching and will improve the effectiveness of the stretch. Along with this you want to avoid intense pain with your stretch, just look for a mild-moderate pulling sensation. This stretching tweak is a great way to keep folks mobile and away from all the pain medication.

All of these techniques are completely safe. I would only prohibit the breath hold while lifting if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or have some sort of aneurism. Other than that, they are great strategies to help folks keep a more active and happy life.

That’s it for today everyone, don’t forget to breathe!

P.S. If your having some problems with lifting and what some additional help; Check out montrossphysicaltherapy.com, I have a great blog section that is jammed packed with free videos and write ups on ways you can get back that active life you deserve.