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How to Adjust Your T.V. to Treat Neck Pain


SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

When thinking about aches and pains whether they’re in the neck or in the back, knee, shoulder, or even your toes; you would think that all of those would be in most cases caused by some sort of severe injury. It could be that you turned your head too quickly or maybe tripped over the curb going into work.  I’m here to say though, 90% of my cases in the clinic are caused by something completely different.

When folks come into see me with neck pain they’ll often say they have no clue where their neck pain came from. It just started up gradually over time.

This usually means it wasn’t some sort of injury. It was most likely some sort of postural stress over time. This is a low-level stress caused by how you work, how you drive, or maybe even how you enjoy watching TV.

The real secret to us getting our clients back to work, back to playing with grand kids, back to yoga, and away from the pills so quickly is because we tackle this problem head on.

When you can deal with these low-level postural stresses in a simple realistic way; You can not only treat neck pain twice as fast, but you can stop it from coming back!

So, with all that said I figured we would cover two simple ways you can adjust your TV to help deal with postural stress and treat or even prevent neck pain.

When looking at adjusting the TV to help with neck troubles we have one major goal. We want to get our self’s out of the “turkey neck” position. This is a forward head position that we frequently get in throughout the day that completely wrecks the necks of many of my personal clients.

One way to do that is to move the TV closer. If you have a TV that’s too far away, its likely your squinting and getting into the turkey neck position. So simply move the TV closer and/or get a new pair of glasses to allow the neck to get in a more natural position while your watching your favorite shows.

Another common problem I see is having the TV out too far to the side. Its best to try to get the TV and chair centered to each other.

If these two aren’t centered, then you’re constantly turning or holding a turn of the neck while watching TV. Since most folks are watching their shows for a few hours this turning stress of the neck can build up over time and turn into full blow neck pain.

So that’s it for today. Just make sure to take a few minutes to make your living room 100% neck friendly and enjoy that favorite show of yours. Remember knowledge is power!

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