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How to Erase Back Pain in 1 Day!


MARCH 11, 2024

Believe it or not, there is a way you can eliminate back pain within one day! I had a client last week from Tappahannock who wanted a free phone consultation to figure out how he could get some relief after months of pain. He and I talked for a bit and he told me that he was working a desk job that caused some severe, shooting pains down his back through his leg. He was in so much pain, he was carrying a hot pack around with him at all times and taking 6-7 ibuprofen a day. He felt like he couldn’t concentrate on his job, and when he got home, he felt like he couldn’t relax from all the stress he was feeling at work. The only thing that seemed to relieve the pain completely was lying back in his recliner. So, he went from experiencing severe pain to feeling none in a matter of minutes….how does that happen?

After talking with him for a few minutes and asking some questions, I figured out that this man loved putting his WALLET in his back pocket. And not-so-coincidentally, he was placing his wallet on the same side where he was complaining of his leg pain. You would not believe how common this is! My dad, brother, cousins, and most men that come into the clinic here are all guilty of it. I simply asked him, “Is your wallet still in your pants pocket when you get home and lay back in the recliner?” His answer: “No.” So, I told him to try taking his wallet out of the back pocket and switching it to the front or at least switch which side he puts it in to see if that helped with the pain a good bit. He called the next afternoon, ecstatic; he hadn’t taken any ibuprofen that day, he didn’t use any heat/hot packs, worked the whole day without even as much as a cup of coffee. In ONE day he was able to treat his back pain on his own!

If you’re experiencing some of these same symptoms, it’s time to put the power in your hands. Try this simple tip out, and tell family and friends about it. It's usually the simplest of things that can begin the healing process from back pain.

That’s it for today, remember knowledge is power!

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