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How to Lower Injury Risk to Neck By 50% In Under 1 Sec

How to Lower Injury Risk to Neck By 50% In Under 1 Sec (… Perfect for gym goers & with household chores)

By: Dr. Arnan Sisson

Today we’re going to introduce a great strategy to reduce the risk of a neck injury with gym goers or anyone who works around the house. I use this with many clients to allow them to go back to the gym or just the everyday stuff around the house without constantly worrying about a problem popping up.

Just taking this 1 second to adjust your posture, you’ll be able to get back to doing yoga, going to the gym with friends, vacuuming or even throwing out the trash without worrying about the next neck flare-up that sticks around for weeks. This will also help avoid extreme amounts of stiffness after the workout that pretty much destroys a good night’s rest.

First, we must understand what position increases our risk of neck injury. This is the chin sticking out. In this position, the neck musculature is lengthened, and the joints are at a compromising position while the shoulders, arms, and back lift any sort of weight.

So, by understanding the above fact, we can avoid it while performing heavy lifting. This will reduce the risk of injury by upwards of 50% due to avoiding the compromising position.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the chin down while performing any sort of lifting. This means performing exercises such as bicep curls, rows, or deadlifts in the gym. Or even while lifting up the heavy bag of groceries and trash.

Understanding these modifications will save folks months or maybe even years of neck trouble. It's just a very common thing to lift the chin up when lifting because theirs a tendency to go to an upright position when lifting from the ground. So, the neck tends to follow.

The key to this technique though is to not just do it from time to time. It must be practiced often, with even light lifting. If this is done, then it becomes a habit. If the position is attained, the lifter feels odd, and they correct it right away.

That’s it for today, everyone, remember movement is medicine!

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