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I Can't Stop Stress Eating... What Do I Do?

Dr. Arnan Sisson, PT / February 10, 2022

More than 60 percent of our new clients list emotional/stress eating as a major nutrition challenge.

What’s more, over 50 percent say they also “get intense cravings” and “snack when not hungry.”

If you relate, it might be a relief to know you’re not alone.

Of course, that’s little consolation when your spoon’s scraping the bottom of a freshly-opened jar of cookie butter.

But what if you realized this behavior occurs…

  • Every time your mom calls?
  • On Sunday nights, when you’re dreading the start of a new week?
  • Whenever you see, smell, or hear something that reminds you of your ex?

In our coaching approach, we call this “noticing and naming,” and it offers us great opportunities to regain control.

Emotional eating and intense cravings are typically part of a pattern of behavior that’s triggered by a specific experience—a thought, feeling, and/or situation.

If you can identify the trigger, you can disrupt the pattern of behavior and make different choices. 

Having a hard time identifying these triggers? Or do you need more guidance on your nutrition journey? Book a free phone consulation to see if our services are right for you!