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Imagine What You Could Do If You Had Just A Little Less Knee (…And Maybe Even Back Pain) Going Down Stairs?

Imagine What You Could Do If You Had Just A Little Less Knee (…And Maybe Even Back Pain) Going Down Stairs?

By: Dr. Morgan Sadler


If after reading this title, your thinking “I wish that was me!” Then wish no longer! We have a quick tip to reposition the knee to take 20, 30, or even 40% of the stress off the knee and even the back while stair climbing. Remember this tip and it’ll complement other treatments well to get anyone back to no longer dreading walking up the stairs to the 2nd floor, stepping over that high curb on the way to Food Lion, or even kneeling down to play with your kids/grandkids like you use to.

Its important to know that the body needs to have a strong foundation. If we have loads of stress to the legs, then that works its way up to other areas of the body (i.e. back and even neck!). So being able to make our legs stronger and have less pain with stair climbing can most definitely take stress of the back and reduce pain there as well.

If you’re suffering with knee pain and having issues going up and down the stairs, the most common position the knee tends to go in with these folks is in. This could be from multiple factors (weakness, pain in other areas, past injuries, etc.), but the key here is that we need to work on keeping it in a very strong position.

So, you may be asking what is the strongest position of the knee? Like any other joint in the body it’s the neutral position. So, we need to focus on keeping are knee in line with the foot while going over tall curbs or climbing stairs.

This is something that can be practiced over 2-3 weeks, and like many other things it can become habit at this point. This is where the magic really happens, because you’ll actually feel “strange” at this point when you do not achieve this position and you’ll self-correct quickly. Not just that, but around the 2-3-week marker you’ll have enough time to pass to produce a position change in the knee and it should feel looser and less painful.

The reader may be asking, “what are some great treatments to pair with this knee strategy?” We’ve got you covered! Our free report titled 9 Quick and Easy Ways to End Back Pain has potent tips that not only can help with back issues coming from the knee, but even knee pain itself (Especially tip #4 and #8). Feel free to call us today (804) 493-0002 to get physical copy mailed to your doorstep with a few other goodies. Or click the link below to download it right away. https://sissonpt.com/backreport