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Local PT Horrified By The New Dangers Of COVID Era Schooling

Press Release By: Dr. Arnan Sisson

September 6, 2021

The schools of Westmorland County are just like many schools across the states in that the kids are being juggled between classroom education and at home quarantine. It may be just 1 child in a group of 25 that contracts COVID and the entire class could be quarantined for over 2 weeks.

This creates a situation where the kids are actually much less active. Active time spent doing sports, physical education classes, and even simply walking between classes is replaced by less productive activities.

Dr. Sisson states, “I’ve seen record high cases of children either coming into the clinic or parents calling the practice complaining that their young child is dealing with back pain or an achy wrist.”

Two major things that can cause back pain or achy wrists in children are repetitive or sustained stresses to those joints. This would be prolonged sitting on a soft couch or repetitive use of a phone during those non school hours.

Dr. Sisson states, “to deal with this new problem we need to make some simple changes to help the kids out. This would be getting them to spend more time in firmer chairs with lumbar sport, getting them out of those chairs every 30 minutes, switching their hands while using their mobile devices, and simply cutting down that screen time.”

While COVID cases will most definitely go down long term and the kids will eventually get back to a more steady school routine, it's important to take these few simple steps to protect our kids from the problems that can come up from these potential quarantines.