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Multitasking Is a Myth and What to Do Instead...
Multitasking Is a Myth and What to Do Instead...
By Dr. Arnan Sisson

A lot of different of folks pride themselves on their ability to multitask. I’ll explain a great example of
how this is such a common approach to work and personal life.

Hannah and I were taking a trip through Richmond to check out a movie over the weekend, and on the
interstate, we spot something that catches our eyes.

There’s a woman who’s driving along and passing a few cars here and there. When looking into the car I
spot her putting on her lipstick, she’s on the phone, and even on top of that she’s talking to her kids in
the back. It’s a crazy scene that makes you wonder how she can keep the car on the road!

But the question would be, is multitasking really efficient and is it the best use of our time? Luckily Dr.
Don Greene recently has compiled all the research looking into the topic and has a simple answer to our

Much of the research done recently has shown that multitasking not only increases errors throughout
the day but also can significantly decrease productivity at work. It seems that the research points
towards consolidation of tasks as the best way to go.

A great way to work this into your business and even personal life is to use the 80/20 rule. To apply this
to your daily life, you need to ask yourself a simple question. What are 20% of the things I need to do
that will produce 80% of the results you’re looking for.

The key is to figure out 1-2 tasks that are the 20%, aka the tasks that produce the biggest effect towards
your own goals. Then first focusing on those tasks as a priority the next day. This will cut down on errors
and improve overall productivity.

I’ve had a good bit of success using this in my own business. I take a sticky note the night before the next
workday and figure out what two tasks will best help me achieve my current goals. And then the next
day I have a laser focus on these two things first.

That’s it for today everyone. Try this simple life hack, and your sure to enjoy a much smoother life!