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Must Have Morning Routine For Back Pain
Simple Morning Routine to Keep Back Pain Away
December 22, 2023

We all have our morning routines. We wake up or maybe even hit that snooze button for an extra 5
minutes of shut-eye. Then we’ll brush our teeth, comb our hair, take a shower, etc.

This is something that’s just engrained in habit. It’s been happening for many years. So, with that said,
we like to introduce a new habit into the lives of folks in the area. A habit that when done each morning
will loosen the back for the entire day. This means our 30-minute car drive is less irritating to the back,
the 9-5 feels much less painful or tight in the back, and long term we can cut down our risk of back

This is all a great thing because when we can keep our back and hips from becoming stiff and achy, we
can truly enjoy life. Our weekly routines just run so much more smoothly, and we can be in the moment.
Instead, of thinking about how stiff, tight, and uncooperative our backs may be.

So, before we get into this morning routine, we have to first stress the importance of how to turn
this into a routine.

If this exercise is only done here and there it will never truly become ingrained in your normal routine.
And in turn, it won’t have the huge impact that can be received from it.

A great tip is to simply have a piece of paper by the nightstand with a box next to every day of the week.
When you perform this exercise for 5 minutes, you can then mark off the box. Having this physical
accountability for a month will make it so this habit becomes more long-term in nature.

So now that we’ve got that covered; you may be asking, what exactly is the exercise?!

The exercise we’re going to review today works so great at making the back looser and less painful
because it is the opposite position/stress that our backs normally take up.

All through the day, we have our backs bent forward. It may be our long commute to Dahlgren, maybe
the 8 hours in that low uncomfortable chair at work, or even from laying on your favorite recliner
watching TV before bedtime.

Either way the back experiences a forward stress more than the backwards stress. This can lead to many
of the back problems folks face.

The exercise is going to position you in the spot your back normally doesn’t get into. And by doing this
each day for even just 5 minutes, it can make a dramatic change to how healthy your back will be.
So, with that said, let's dig into this simple exercise!

When you first wake up, simply turn onto your stomach. Hold this position for around 1 minute. Once
you’ve held that position you next prop up on your elbows. And if this is uncomfortable for the arms you
can slide a pillow under your chest.

Hold this position for around 4 minutes. And to make the time go by quicker you can skim through your
phone or even read a few pages of your favorite magazine.

Even better, what I like to do is just reflect. Think about what you have planned for the day and what
you’d like to accomplish.

Once we’ve held this position for a few minutes, then place your hands under your shoulders and do a
half push up locking the arms.

After that, we’re done! Just come back down to your belly and slide off to start your day!

I have clients that either give me a ring or stop by the clinic to catch a coffee with my wife Hannah and me.
And many times, these folks have admitted how great their backs have felt from doing this consistently.
Not only that, but it does give them some time to gather their thoughts for the day and start it off
on the right foot.

That’s it for today, everyone, remember movement is medicine!

P.S. The most frustrating thing that affects folks with back pain is being short of lasting relief.
Unfortunately, we hear all the time of folks spending months of time and energy on exercises,
massages, adjustments, or even traditional physical therapy that doesn’t produce long-lasting relief.
They may feel great for a month after treatment, but right when they go to exercise or go on that
vacation. They have back troubles that stop them in their tracks.

The above strategy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stopping the reoccurrence. If you
looking to get your back pain to go away for years instead of days, then feel free to shoot us a call at
(804) 493-3256. During the call, our office manager Hannah can get a great feel of your case and give
you the guidance to finally fix your back troubles for good!