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My Back Went Out! How To Stop Throwing Out Your Back

Dr. Sisson / March 24th, 2022

If your back went out recently, you know how painful it can be. 

What DOESN'T Throwing Out Your Back Mean?

When you throw out your back, it doesn't mean that your back has gone out of place or that you've slipped a disc.

Discs don't actually "slip" out of place.

People use the term "slipped disc" to refer to a herniated disc. However, throwing out your back doesn't necessarily mean you've injured a disc.

Throwing out your back doesn't usually mean that you've seriously injured anything (even though it hurts A LOT).

Most of the time, the pain from throwing out your back is just from a really strong muscle spasm.

That spasm happens because when you do repetitive motions like repetitive bending or repetitive lifting.

This in turn can cause hypermobility at those segments.

We'll discuss more about how to stabilize those segments later.

First though, if you've just thrown out your back, you probably want to know what to do to stop the pain.

How To Keep From Throwing Out Your Back In The Future

Beyond learning to bend properly, you do want to do some stabilization exercises or core strengthening exercises.

Overall, I think "core strengthening" is largely rather overrated.

It's a buzzword that a lot of people throw around as the solution for all type of back pain.

Most people with chronic back pain don't have weak back muscles.

Rather they're in a sustained muscle spasm that won't let go.

So usually strengthening your back muscles isn't that important.  However, strengthening your abdominal muscles can often be helpful if you've thrown your back out.

Give our Free Back Pain Guide for more guidance. 

When To See A Physical Therapist

If you have thrown your back out, there's also really good evidence that if you get into a physical therapist within the first two weeks after throwing your back out or having an acute back injury, there's a really good chance of getting better in as few as one or two visits.

This is especially true if you don't have pain, numbness, or tingling in your leg or foot.

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