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Newest Core Exercise To Help 2X Your Stability/Balance Outdoors

By: Dr. Arnan Sisson

July 5, 2021


One of the biggest trends over the past few years has been finding specific exercises to strengthen the “Core.” A lot of people may do this for cosmetic reasons, wanting to get stronger, or just to have better balance with doing all the things they love.

The fun part for us as balance experts here at the practice is to see all the fancy gadgets and gizmos that have been created to take care of the core. My favorite ones that give me a good laugh are in order below! :)

  1. Electric Shock Waist Band (... And Yes This Does Actually Put Current Through Your Stomach)
  2. ” Miracle Water” We Spoke Of In A Past Email
  3. “The Sledge”(... A Huge Sledge Hammer For Sale To Hit Tires For Seniors!)

The good thing about strengthening the core is that you don’t need to get a fancy gadget or device from a late night infomercial.


The key to strengthening the core is to just consistently do functional activities that work the entire body. 


This could either be walking on uneven surfaces with your partner, doing that yoga class with buddies, or even tending the garden (pulling weeds, planting, etc.). All of these things will engage the core muscles, improve your balance, but the key is to find something you can do consistently for long term results.


If bad weather or other circumstances are getting in the way of you doing as many of these activities as you’d like... No problem! Check out this video, our PTA Katie is going through a very convenient and functional core exercise that can even be done on your bed.


P.S. If you're unable to be active and keep that core strong due to an ache or pain, that's not a problem either. Feel free to give me a ring (804) 493-3256 or hit REPLY below to let me know what sort of ache/pain you're dealing with. We can talk out the best 2-3 strategies to start reducing it as quickly as possible.