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3 Simple Ways To Avoid Summer Time Sun Damage


June 6th, 2023

I’ve been speaking to a lot of clients the last week about the Fourth of July. Not just about the awesome fireworks, barbeques, and time with family. But how bad they’ve gotten burnt from the sun during those times in the past.

So, I figured this week would be a great time to go over some simple realistic ways to protect yourself from getting those nasty sunburns. That way you can enjoy being outdoors, going on vacations, and just spending more time with friends over the hot summer months.

The first tip would be to watch the time. The sun is its strongest between 10 am to 4 pm. This is when your more likely the get a bad sunburn. A great simple way to determine if you should worry about this would be to look at your shadow. If your shadow is on the smaller side, that also hints towards strong sunlight coming down.

It’s best to schedule your family events and activities outside of these times, but obviously this isn’t always going to happen. So, if you are out during this time just try your best to protect yourself by using shade trees and other forms of cover.

The second tip would be to use the “best” kind of sunscreen. There is a big debate about what is really the best, but the academy of dermatology has recently recommended three things when picking out a sunscreen. First you want to find a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 or above. Then you want to find one that’s water resistant. This is key because very often your sweating a good bit outdoors and this can cut down on your protection time with the sunscreen unless its waterproof. The third thing to look out for is the term “broad spectrum on the label.” This means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

The final tip I would give folks is to use your sunscreen the correct way. This means putting it on 15-30 minutes prior to going outside to have better coverage. Also replacing your sunscreen every hour and a half while out in direct sun or sweating.

The entire point behind what I do in my practice is to help folks really enjoy their lives again. This includes being able to go hiking, enjoying a trip to your favorite beach, and hanging out with family/friends. And during this time of the year all of those activities involve being out in the sun. So, feel free to use all the above tips to allow you to better enjoy those times.

That’s it for today, remember knowledge is power!

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