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Tips for Getting Up and Down Stairs like a Pro

Tips for Getting Up and Down Stairs like a Pro

By: Leading Northern Neck Back Pain Expert,

Dr. Arnan Sisson


Today we want to go over a quick lesson when going up and down the stairs. It's perfect for anyone who has had a total knee replacement, total hip replacement, or just one leg that feels weaker than the other.

Usually, when someone first leaves a hospital they’ll be taught how to most efficiently go up and down the stairs to reduce future injury or fall risk. Today's post will be a review of this important information.

Theirs a nice expression I like to use when going up and down the stairs that will help you move more freely and with less pain. Think of the song, “Stairway to Heaven.” You want to go up with the good leg (Aka “good legs go to heaven”) and down with the bad leg.

For example, if your right leg is your weak/surgical leg then your left will go up the stairs. And when going down the stairs you lead with your right leg (aka “bad leg”).

The reason why you want to do this is because a straight leg is a stable leg. It's less likely to buckle on you going down the stairs. The leg must be kept straight the whole time going down the stairs to protect you.

So, try this technique out today for any agitated knee, or save it for any sort of knee replacement soon.

That’s it for today, remember movement is medicine!

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