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Two Most Common Golf Injuries and How to Avoid!

DR. ARNAN SISSON July 3, 2023

I was thinking today about just how many folks I've been seeing the last few months with aches and pains that have come about from golfing. Sense it seems to be a common problem, today I want to share with all my readers the two most common golf injuries and simple ways to avoid them. This way the reader can continue to golf or their loved ones can keep playing the game they love.

The most common injury with golfing is back pain. Around 36% of golfers develop this type of pain, and the second most common is elbow pain at 32%. Other than this folks are getting pains around the ankle, shoulder, and wrist from the game.

The reason why golfers are at an increased risk for aches or pains is due to the different positions achieved in the game. You can get in extremely rotated positions and a good bit of force can be applied to the ball. While they body doesn't like this at times, their are most defintely things a golfer can do to cut down their injury risk.

The first is to break up the frequency. Instead of playing twice a day, play once. Instead of having lots of consecutive games throughout the week, break up the golf with atleast one to two days of rest. This simple tweek works wonders. I use the same principals with office workers. The key is to get away from prolonged or repeated positions that are bad for us. The more we break it up the better the body can tolerate it.

The second approach we can do is simply use some ice. If you hit the range and your elbow or back is sore and stiff. Then get a small bag of ice and place it on the affected area for 15-20 minutes and you can do this every hour or two after. This will cut down on excessive inflammation and help you avoid a prolonged ache or pain.

The last and most important stratagey is to build up the strength and looseness of the muscles around the back, elbow, and various joints of the body.  Check out our FREE back pain report, it has some great information on bracing, self massage techniques, and a simple stabilization exerise.

Another great way to keep the back, elbow, and shoulder loose and protected for golf is massage therapy on a monthly or biweekly basis. We have a few clients now that are golfers and are doing very well with our massage membership program. If this interests you than check out our FREE phone consultation to see if our services are right for you..