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Two Secrets People Don’t Know That Could Prevent Most Falls For Seniors

Dr. Arnan Sisson / July 8, 2022

One in four seniors will fall each year. And out of those people, around 32,000 will actually die from the falls!

In our practice here in the Northern Neck we work with many folks that are 65+ that have either fallen already or are scared to death of having a fall that will lead to a hip fracture.

For many, the idea of a fall can produce feelings of anxiety, depression, and general stress because as we get older the ability to recover from a fall becomes harder and the long term consequences to our independence can be huge.

So with this said, its important that if we notice this problem in our own lives or have a loved one that’s at a high fall risk we need to do everything in our power to reduce that risk so they can enjoy a life filled with much less stress, more independence, and mobility.

In our practice we deal with so many clients that have poor balance and strength that we see trends that often pop up that can SIGNFICNATLY shoot up their fall risk.

What if you could understand what these things were, address those problems, and really reduce you or a friends fall risk? Don’t wonder any longer, because today I’m going to cover two very common things that cause falls for seniors!

The first thing that needs to happen when a person is at a risk of falling is to get stronger in a controlled environment where they can be pushed in a safe way. This can significantly build up a person’s confidence and reduce stress.

When working with an expert that specializes in balance, the muscles that support our bodies and maintain balance can be progressively challenged to the point to where walking, stair climbing, and even getting out of chairs becomes much easier & safer.

After this there are two really common things that cause falls and must be addressed. The first is throw rugs, these little carpets in most homes create a unique problem. They tend to move around very easily, and our feet or walker/cane leg can get caught up on corners. This usually produces very quick falls that tend to cause hip fractures.

The other fall risk is a small pet. While we love our pets, it gets to the point where the risk really outweighs the reward. Small pets can run out very quickly between our legs and cause a sudden force to the hips that gets a person to fall more often.

So that’s it for today, pull up those rugs and seriously consider finding those small animal’s new homes to have piece of mind and reduce your fall risk.

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