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What Flattens Dough and Treats Knee/Back Pain?


What Flattens Dough and Treats Knee/Back Pain? Strange question for sure, but it’s something that actually comes up in the clinic.

My practice specializes in treating problems of the knee and back. And a great tool believe it or not that can help these problems as well as flattening dough is……a rolling pin.

A lot of my personal clients that are on the verge of surgery or injections are looking for fast results to avoid these painful and expensive routes. And most of the folks with knee and back pain tend to have very tight hamstrings. What this does is places more stress upon the joints of the knee, back, and hips. This in turn magnifies pain and stops them from going to work or even enjoying vacations.

A great self-massage exercise that I’ve developed for a good bit of these cases is one that uses a rolling pin. It usually surprises folks, but it’s a great simple tool that’s in most kitchens that can be used to help ease back/knee pain.

To do this exercise first you need to find a nice sturdy chair and scoot to the end of it. Then you take out your rolling pin and place it under your thigh. The next thing you need to do is start close to your rear end and roll the pin all the way down to the knee joint. You want to press up and produce minimal to moderate pain/discomfort. You simply do this for 15 repetitions and repeat every few hours.

You may get some strange looks from folks in the house, but this is definitely a great tool that has helped many of my clients with knee or back pain. The great part about this is, it along with other forms of tailor made exercise medicine can help place the power in the readers hands. I have to admit the greatest part of my job is getting clients away from being dependent on pills, injections, surgery, weekly chiropractic adjustments, and teaching them how to treat themselves. This puts the power in their hands!

That’s it for today, remember movement is medicine!

P.S.  No doubt the article answers a strange question, BUT the answer has helped a good bit of my personal clients coming into my practice who can’t sleep, are taking mounds of pain killers, or  are even worried about having way too many sick days this year due to back/knee pains.

If anyone checking out this video would like some more help, not a problem! Check out this link to get a hold of my free 13 step check sheet on back pain. It has simple steps you can take at home to reduce your back pain today!