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What's Your Biggest Diet Challenge?

Dr. Arnan Sisson, PT / January 26, 2024

As you can see, “I don’t know what I should eat” is near the bottom of the list.

Yet that’s the nutrition challenge most people—including coaches—obsess over.

Of course, what you eat matters for all kinds of reasons:
appetite control,
proper nutrition,
optimal performance,
so on.

But “what to eat” probably isn’t the #1 thing holding you back.

Most people kind of sort-of know what they should be eating. You’ve probably never said “I really shouldn’t eat this,” right before downing a big bowl of spinach.

More likely, you utter those words as you dive headfirst into a salted caramel ice cream bowl.

If you’re looking for a long-term fix to these top-ranking problems, more nutrition knowledge probably isn’t always the answer. Neither is a meal plan.

No, if you’re struggling with your food, eating, and exercise habits, you probably need help with your behaviors, especially being consistent with crucial fundamentals. 

According to our incoming clients, their most pressing nutrition problems boil down to this: How do they stop overeating and, at the same time, find convenient, practical, and satisfying ways to enjoy foods that best nourish their bodies?

Easy problems to solve? No.
Are they solvable? Absolutely.

With that in mind, in the coming weeks are the 8 biggest nutrition challenges, along with proven strategies you can use to make better choices and get better results.

Don’t try to tackle all these challenges at once.
That rarely works.

Instead, choose just one. Focus on it for two or three weeks. When you feel ready to take on more, please select another area that needs some TLC, and give it your full attention.

You can make incredible, lasting progress this way. We know, because we’ve seen it happen with real clients.

Now it’s your turn. Speak to our Nutritionist for a free phone consultation and see if our services are right for you!