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Why Coffee Is Actually Good For You!

BY DR. ARNAN SISSON July 7th, 2023

When folks first come into my practice, they usually sit back and relax for a bit in one of our big comfortable chairs. And Hannah and I love to offer them warm ciders, teas, fresh iced water, or more often than not a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee. Aside from making people feel more at home, giving my clients coffee has some great positive effects.

The first is the fact that coffee affects your energy levels. There are several chemical reactions that occur when you drink coffee, which have been shown to improve short-term memory, overall mood and energy levels. And here at the clinic, that’s really beneficial for our patients, because as your energy levels go up, that will translate into a better workout which in turn allows you to get away from that ache or pain a lot quicker.

Theirs also other ways coffee improves performance in the gym aside from just giving a person more energy. When coffee is consumed, fat is utilized more so as energy and adrenaline production is increased. This increases over all performance. Not only does this make our exercise medicine stronger for our clients. But anyone reading this article that’s pain free and just wants to start a exercise program at home; A cup of coffee can be drunk 60-30 minutes prior to your workout to see similar benefits with a general wellness program.

Along with performance benefits, there are a few health improvements that come about from coffee. A large study was done looking at mortality or “death” rates in men and women. It showed that male coffee drinkers had a 20% and females a 26% less mortality rate compared to nondrinkers. So, their seems to be some sort of influence on lifespan.

A common misconception is that coffee produces heart disease. While it does increase blood pressure, its effects on blood pressure are not as significant as many may believe. And these effects can be reduced with more regular coffee intake. Another study also showed that heart disease rates and stroke rates actually were in fact lowered in coffee drinkers.

So, with the great performance and heath benefits from coffee I encourage most folks in my clinic and outside the clinic to try a cup. It’s just important though to make sure its not taken to close to bed time to help maintain a great sleeping schedule.

That’s it for today, remember knowledge is power!