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Will A Back Brace Quickly Get Rid Of My Back Troubles?

Learn In This Short Article If You Should Use A Brace & The Exact Approach To Finally Start Easing Your Back Pain…



By: Dr. Arnan Sisson

April 5th

Who out there has ever seen that infomercial that pops up around 2 o clock in the morning and goes over a “miracle” back brace that will completely get rid of 30+ years of back pain the second you strap it to your back?

This sort of thing is so common. You’ll hear this spiel in the form of creams, gadgets, and even pills to ease back pain. More often than not they pray on folks looking for real help to get back their sleep, enjoy long drives again, and just be able to finally get back to the exercise love.

Often times these approaches mentioned earlier fall flat, and folks will waste loads of time and cash on no results. I’ve even seen in my own back practice that folks that have been burned by these things in the past are often crippled to try another approach to fix their backs. It leads to a long 10, 20, or even 30+ years of back pain.

So, with that said, does our back brace infomercial example given earlier hold any weight? Does a back brace actually work at getting rid of back pain?

In my years seeing primary folks with back pain, I can confidently say that I have never met a single person that could get rid of their back pain and keep it away long term (over 6 months) by just using a back brace.

3 Most Important Brace Tips

But a back brace can be used in conjunction with other stronger treatments to help get rid of back pain and keep it away. So here are the three most important tips to use with a back brace to help anyone start losing the pills, avoid scary back surgeries, and just enjoy an active life again.

  1. Don’t Wear Your Back Brace All Day Long. This can actually end up weaking the two cord muscles around your lower back long term, because they lose their strength due to lack of use. This will end up worsening your back pain in the long term and make it more sensitive to injury with sitting/lifting.
  2. Just Use Your Brace For Short Periods While Lifting. With a sensitive back, protecting it short term is a smart idea. The brace will push your joints into a stronger position so you’re less likely to hurt yourself and worsen the pain short term.
  3. Speak To A Back Expert You Trust & Gradually Taper Off The Use Of Your Brace. As we talked about earlier, the real magic behind the back brace is not only using it sparingly but combining it with other proven treatments. I’ve had many of my clients come in with back pain over 10 years have some very quick drops of pain in a matter of weeks when they had a great mix of treatments together.

If you or a family member is suffering with back or sciatic pain, then a back brace could be a great tool. The key though is to remember to follow these three simple guidelines to get the best results.

Another great tip I give folks in the Northern Neck is that when it comes to back pain have a commonsense approach. If you see something on TV, check out “Dr. Google,” or even have a friend recommend a back treatment; it must produce results. If a treatment doesn’t start helping after a few weeks, then you should discontinue it and try something else. That same rule would hold true for a back brace as well.

Free 20 Minute Back Consult

If you’ve been taking too much Tylenol, tried the newest gadget/cream, and even tried traditional physical therapy with not much of any success then you may be a great candidate for a free 20 minute phone consultation with myself.

We reserve two of these calls with me a week. During the call we dive into your case and figure out the likely cause of the back troubles. From there we can determine what are the 2-3 best approaches to actually get rid of the back pain.

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