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The Wonder Drug for Low Back Pain


I must admit this blog is long overdue.  These last few months have been full of new, exciting, and time-consuming new adventures.

I’ve opened my physical therapy practice here in Montross, and have been seeing folks all over the area spanning from Colonial Beach, all the way up to Warsaw, and even Lancaster! It's been fun to open my practice and run it the way I wanted to run it. That means only seeing a single patient an hour, using no technicians, and just allowing myself to give every client my full attention. This has allowed me to simply listen for 10, 20, or even 30 minutes if that’s needed. This is a luxury that usually isn’t had in most clinics.

So along with this, I’ve recently Tied the knot. After getting back from our mini honeymoon I now have the opportunity to do a few blog posts every month.

A favorite motto of mine is, “give a man a fish he eats for a day, but teach him how to fish he eats for his entire life.” So, this blog along with my weekly column, Facebook posts, e-books, and free library can give folks suffering with aches and pains the tools they need to begin the recovery process.

So enough of that boring information about the practice. Let’s dig into our topic, What’s the wonder drug for low back pain?

Drum roll………its walking! You may say to yourself walking? How can something so simple be so amazing for back pain?

There were a group of studies done by Professor Rob J.E.M. Smeets, Ph.D. that showed that walking is powerful exercise medicine for back pain. It compared a group that had a walking program to one that were prescribed tailor-made motor control exercises, and they found that both groups had significant improvements in pain!

The beauty of this, is that the walking program was so simple. It consisted of walking at your fastest pace possible without significantly increasing your pain. And you gradually increase your walking time until you get to 30 minutes. This is just to be done once a day. That simple!

I advise many of my patients to partake in a walking program to treat back pain, and it works wonders. I’ve even used it to complement other treatment approaches to rehab my own back following an old injury.

So, if your suffering try this miracle drug, it can significantly reduce your ache or pain without all those nasty side effects that can come about from strong painkillers.

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