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Dr. Arnan Sisson, PT| Sept 29, 2023 I love a good cup of coffee on a morning. Whether it’s right in the middle of a freezing cold winter… Or on the hottest day of the year – I’ll always have my morning cup of coffee. So when I read an article a few weeks ago about how drinking coffee leads to a longer life and all the health benefits it has, I had to write a blog on it – especially because coffee tends to get labelled as a ‘bad guy’. Yet in recen...
Posted on 2023-09-29
BY DR. ARNAN SISSON July 7th, 2023 When folks first come into my practice, they usually sit back and relax for a bit in one of our big comfortable chairs. And Hannah and I love to offer them warm ciders, teas, fresh iced water, or more often than not a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee. Aside from making people feel more at home, giving my clients coffee has some great positive effects. The first is the fact that coffee affects your energy levels. There are several chemical rea...
Posted on 2023-07-07