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May 15th, 2023/ Dr. Sisson When you’ve got tight hips, it can interfere with your ability to enjoy walking, running, golfing, and just exercise in general. Tight hips are not only annoying and achy, but they often contribute to lower back pain as well. But perhaps more frustrating than the tight hips themselves is the fact that no matter how much stretching you do – they never seem to loosen up. Typically when I hear this, it’s a big red flag for me that tight hip musc...
Posted on 2023-05-16
Dr. Arnan Sisson, PT| October 13, 2022 After a life-changing operation, and what can be a painful and difficult time afterwards, many people are looking for the fastest way to recover from hip replacement surgery. However, if you are currently waiting for a hip replacement surgery, and worried about how well you will recover… Or if you have already had hip replacement surgery and you are struggling to regain your strength, mobility and get back on your feet… You can learn ab...
Posted on 2022-10-13