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Dr. Sisson| March 6, 2023 Are you dealing with an injury to your shoulder, knee, or back from exercise? We know that recovering from a strain or sprain is often a long road. It can take time and lots of trial and error to get you back to the level of activity you used to have which can feel never-ending. However, taping is a solution you may not have considered before but has been used for decades in physical therapy, and by athletes as a way to speed up recovery and support weakened muscl...
Posted on 2023-03-06
Dr. Arnan Sisson, PT| June 15, 2022 At Sisson & Associates many of our patients are surprised to hear about how easy it can be to pull a muscle… especially when you do something as simple as sneezing!   Have you ever pulled a muscle?  Chances are you have… and when you do, believe me, you’ll know about it!   Most people don’t realize how detrimental pulling a muscle could be to our ev...
Posted on 2022-06-15