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Dr. Arnan Sisson, PT| July 15, 2022 You might have seen them in Walmart, heard of a friend using them, or read about them online, but exactly what are orthotic insoles, and are they worth getting? To help you answer this question, we have pulled together all the common questions that our team get asked about orthotic insoles and provide you everything you need to know about orthotic insoles for shoes. First of all, “what are orthotic inserts?” During an initial assessment for...
Posted on 2022-07-15
4/14/2022 Are you suffering with agonizing knee, neck and shoulder or back pain which keeps coming back without any apparent cause?   The problem, surprisingly, might be caused by your feet!   Fortunately, there is a natural, drug-free pain relief solution which could be perfect for you – Orthotic shoe inserts.   You might have seen shoe inserts online, in your local supermarket, or at a shoe retailer, and in this blog article we will cover some common questions t...
Posted on 2022-04-14