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BY DR. ARNAN SISSON DECEMBER 07, 2018 Having a practice that specializes on all things back, sciatica is most definitely a problem that comes in through the door very often! There are three sorts of back pain that I see most often in my practice. One is just where the back is very angry and inflamed. It could be picking up some furniture out of the garage the previous weekend or over working a few muscles at your last yoga session. Either way it’s just inflamed and usually calms down ...
Posted on 2018-12-07
BY DR. ARNAN SISSON 27 AUGUST 2018 Here in my Montross practice, there’s two sorts of problems we largely specialize in. The first is spinal pain and the other is knee pain. Knee pain in particular can be a very scary sort of problem. A great example of that is a client I saw in the practice a few weeks ago. She was in town only for two days visiting a few family members, heard that we specialize in knee problems, and stopped by to get some help before she got home to Northern Virgi...
Posted on 2018-08-27
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