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We understand that some people want to find out a bit more about the cost and availability before they book a Physical Therapy appointment. If you want to know what it costs- and what availability we have at our physical therapy clinic in Montross, then please just click the button below and complete the short form:

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Even More Free Expert Advice

We love our community here in the Northern Neck, and we enjoy offering great simple bits of advice that can help folks in the area. We do it through lots of different routes. Here are some great additional resources from us that can be used to make you feel better and start truely enjoying life again.


Sisson & Associates- The Physical Therapy and Wellness Experts of Montross

  • Facebook is a great location for folks to not only get some great education from us on ways to prevent aches and pains, but we also have special offers and giveaways that go directly on the site. We also like to post success stories of our past clients, and just day to day going's of the clinic for know our clinic on a more personal basis.
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  • Instagram is a great media outlet for quick information. We post a good bit of educational material on this as well as special offers. But this is commonly used by us just to post day to day information. If you want to really see what’s going on behind the scenes at Sisson & Associates this is a great place to look.
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Sisson & Associates, LLC

  • You Tube is by far the fastest way to get a hold of our newest educational content. And let’s be honest who doesn’t love to watch a short video that’s jammed packed with information. Not to mention, at the bottom of each video we include a special offer for the week.
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Sisson & Associates Physical Therapy and Wellness

  •  In our Twitter account we're going to have some blog posts and educational content in general. But Twitter is very much like Instagram in that it will have a good bit of short simple posts that are easy to see. They'll defintely cover more of the personal side of our front desk staff, physical therapists, and massage therapists.
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Northern Neck News

Westmoreland News

“Relieve Pain Regain Your Life”

  • We’ve had our Health and Wellness Column running in the community papers for over two years now, and it is by far the biggest way we connect with the community. Our column articles not only address ways to treat aches and pains yourself, but also ways to just feel better and have a better life in general. These newspapers can be found scattered all throughout the local stores, and along with our columns we also run weekly ads that include special deals and offers. Be sure to grab the offers up quickly, usually theirs a limited amount available!


Intake Forms For Clients

  • Focusing all of our energy on just one client an hour leads to basically no wait time for all our sessions. To get in the treatment room even sooner though, click on the form below. Try to complete these forms before your first session, and you’ll be able to head directly back with our doctors with time to spare!